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Rip n Sip

Summer 2020

The plan... Ride and Ride some more! Then tell funny stories and laugh.

We'll break off into smaller groups by ride difficulty, and ride at leisure. There is an enduro course to work on technical skills near camp! 


Pack for typical Montana weather. Could be 90 or 60 and raining. Food and snacks, water and "Sip" for the weekend. We will have campers and other kitchen/grill cookware, so if you are tenting know you have kitchens!


Night Rides! We will have one Friday evening ~8pm, and maybe again Saturday! Pack a light if you have one, or check out Oxbow Gear to order one for the weekend.

Pack plenty of GAS! And the rest of the usual ride list... oil, chain lube, etc.

Campers and tents are free and we have plenty of room. Cabin info is below the RSVP form!

For Cabin Rentals Contact Russ Ehnes @ (406)899-0898         $75/night


Three Cabins with : a full-size bed, full size hide-a-bed, twin hide-a-bed, full bath and kitchen, heat and air.


Bunkhouse: sleeps 4, No kitchen or a/c.

Our society seems to thrive on competition, comparison, superiority, and performance. That being so, it is a blessing to spend time amongst people who rise above such "norms" and embody acceptance, patient teaching, generosity, and friendship instead. It was high RPMs and high caliber people last weekend. We all enjoyed eachother's varying levels of riding, we all learned, and we all laughed copiously. We cannot thank our sponsors enough. And girls, even if you don't ride, if you ever hear about a Rip'n Sip event, go. ~Hannah Elise




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